First Half

In the first half, there are always adjustments to make for the second half. The same thing happened in this class. The first couple of assignments were a little rough and teaching moments. In the following examples, it is clear to see the improvements made and how I realized what writing is actually about.

In this Unit Three paper, it was asked to describe your writing process. In the first draft of this paper, I had many flaws and received a grade of “R”. It was my worst paper of the semester, and it showed me what I needed to improve on. My organizational skills were decent at best, and syntax/diction were not up to par either. After getting this paper back, I realized that I needed to take big steps in my writing to achieve the outcomes presented.

This is the Revision on my Unit Three paper, which I worked very hard on to improve on the “R” score I had previously gotten. During the rewriting of this paper, I really understood the concept of revision and how it can impact writing. Where the purpose of this paper was to realize my writing process, I actually realized that revision is the most important part of the writing process. Any great writer does not just put out amazing work on the first try, but however gets something on the paper and molds it to perfection. I will be able to use this writing skill of revision in all my future writing assignments.

The example shown here is my Critical Thinking Response: Integrating Sources, where I had to give a paragraph describing how I would use a source in my Unit Four paper. The actual product was very rough around the edges and did not really make any sense. I had gone to an office hour with My Professor, and she had taught me to try not to write as you write, but write as you speak. Which Is a great skill that has helped me with the rest of my writing in this semester and the future. Also in this meeting we went over how to properly paraphrase and source a quote and in a future assignment it will be shown how this has helped.