The Lineup

I am Billy Donnelly, a criminal justice major from the University of Central Florida. I am originally from Massachusetts and came down to Florida to further broaden my life experiences. Growing up I played football and was captain of my high school team, which shows why I have used the metaphor of a football game for my e-portfolio. In this portfolio, it will show you my progress throughout the semester and how writing can help in my future endeavors.

The Pregame Speech

At the beginning of this course, I was not confident in my writing abilities and actually believed that they were subpar from where I am supposed to be at. Throughout this course, I have learned a lot and brought my writing skills up a notch. I think the hardest part about writing is actually getting started, and during this course we had an assignment to realize what your writing process is. During this assignment I understood what it took me to get started writing, with this knowledge it has helped me with the rest of my essays. Another aspect of this course that I really improved on this year is revision. Through the workshops in class, I can see what to add or subtract from my writing to make it better. In some cases, I use an extra word or a sentence is too long or too choppy. The workshops really helped me in understanding these problems. With future writing assignments, I can use revision to improve my writing from decent to good to eventually great. After writing the Unit Five Paper, I do feel that I can accurately write for a specific audience with a genre and purpose. In that essay it was very important to figure out your audience, genre and purpose before the assignment, so that you can make your writing match your choices. Overall, this class has taught me to be more of a confident writer and as long as something gets down on the paper you can build from there. Writing isn't necessarily about the writing, but about the revision after. In my future there is still room from improvement, but after this course I have a good starting point.